Liam Cottrell Legionella Control Specialist

Does my organisation need to carry out legionella water sample testing?

Legal Reason

There is no legal obligation to carry out routine legionella water samples. However if you are a healthcare provider and the risk assessment has determined a significant risk then routine sampling may be recommended to compliment an existing legionella control system.


Things to consider

Taking a water sample on the face of it doesn't sound too complicated. However have you considered the following just to name a few?

  • Timing of sampling
  • Competence of sample taking staff
  • Type of sample method. Pre flush or Post flush, which is necessary?

Mistakes with any of the above can result in inaccurate readings and potentially put lives at risk.!

BS 7592.jpg

Is there any guidance we can follow?

Yes. The British Standard BS 7592:2008 - Sampling for legionella bacteria in water systems - code of practice.

This code of practice should always be followed as best practice to ensure correct methods are followed. Don't take for granted that all contractors (and their staff) will follow this as some aren't even aware of this document.


Why use my services?

When combined with my experience, training and in depth knowledge of the BS 7592:2008, you can have piece of mind that water samples will be taken correctly and analysed correctly in partnership with a leading UKAS accredited laboritory giving your organisation piece of mind.





Need your staff trained to do this? - No problem, my training workshops can be tailored to include this at no extra cost!




Please remember, water samples can be a useful addition to an existing legionella control regime but cannot replace it.